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Projected Growth: Average

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Some Preparation Needed

Job Description

Your job is to Prepare and cook large quantities of food for institutions, such as schools, hospitals, or cafeterias.

Common job titles of Insitutional Cafeteria Cooks include:

Experience and Education

Some previous work-related skill, knowledge, or experience is usually needed. For example, a teller would benefit from experience working directly with the public.

  • 71.14% said they needed a High School Diploma.

  • 14.21% said they needed a Post-Secondary Certificate.


    Monitor and record food temperatures to ensure food safety.

    Apportion and serve food to facility residents, employees, or patrons.

    Take inventory of supplies and equipment.

    Requisition food supplies, kitchen equipment, and appliances, based on estimates of future needs.

    Plan menus that are varied, nutritionally balanced, and appetizing, taking advantage of foods in season and local availability.

    Clean and inspect galley equipment, kitchen appliances, and work areas to ensure cleanliness and functional operation.

    Cook foodstuffs according to menus, special dietary or nutritional restrictions, or numbers of portions to be served.

    Clean, cut, and cook meat, fish, or poultry.

    Rotate and store food supplies.

    Wash pots, pans, dishes, utensils, or other cooking equipment.

    Direct activities of one or more workers who assist in preparing and serving meals.

    Bake breads, rolls, or other pastries.

    Compile and maintain records of food use and expenditures.

    Monitor use of government food commodities to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

    Monitor menus and spending to ensure that meals are prepared economically.

    Determine meal prices, based on calculations of ingredient prices.

    Train new employees.



Waffle makers

Touch screen monitors


Tilt skillets


Steam tables

All Tools

Steam kettles



Serrated blade knives


Rotisserie ovens

Rice cookers

Refrigerator thermometers

Pressurized steam cookers

Portion scales

Point of sale POS computer terminals

Pizza ovens

Personal computers

Pasta machines

Parisian cutters

Paring knives

Oyster knives


Meat thermometers

Meat grinders


Knife sharpeners

Kitchen tongs

Kitchen shears

Kitchen fire extinguishers

Juice extractors

Juice dispensers

Infrared heat lamps

Ice-making machines

Ice shaving or crushing equipment

Hot dog cookers



Gas-powered deep-fat fryers

Gas stoves

Garbage compactors

Food slicers

Food shredders

Food processors

Food dicers

Fire suppression blankets

Electric stoves

Electric deep-fat fryers

Double boilers

Disposal units

Desktop computers

Cream whippers

Conveyor ovens

Convection ovens

Commercial use combination ovens

Commercial stand mixers

Commercial microwave ovens

Commercial kitchen steamers

Commercial kitchen convection ovens

Commercial ice cream machines

Commercial dishwashers

Commercial coffeemakers

Commercial coffee grinders

Chefs’ knives

Cash registers

Carbonated beverage dispensers

Cappuccino makers


Bread slicers


Box graters

Bone saws


Blast chillers

Apple corers


GNOME Gnutrition

IBM Lotus 1-2-3

Meals Plus

PCS Revenue Control Systems FASTRAK School Meal Software

Point of sale POS software


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