What to Know Before Your ADITL Article Interview

Mat Po

Hi, thanks again for allowing us to feature you in one of our popular ADITL Articles. We’re excited to share your story. It’s our goal to create a piece of content that we all can be proud of and we hope it inspires people who might want to pursue a similar career.  Below are some things to keep in mind for the interview.

ADITL Worksheet

As mentioned to you before, the ADITL Worksheet that you submitted will act as the foundation of both the interview and article. We advise all of our guests to have this handy with you for the interview (an email with your worksheet should have been sent to you automatically after submission).


The interview will take about 45 minutes and conducted over a Zoom call. Video is optional, however, if you do choose to use video, we can embed bits and pieces of the interview into the finished article to enhance it. If you do choose to do video, just remember to dress to impress and have a (somewhat) clean backdrop.

The interview is broken up into 4 sections:

  • Foundational (5 minutes)
    • We’ll begin the interview with some foundational questions about the job and company.
  • Career experience (10 minutes)
    • We’ll continue the interview by discussing your career experience.
    • Consider the following types of questions…
      • How’d you find your current role?
      • What was your first career aspiration?
      • How’d you break into the industry?
  • ADITL (25 minutes)
    • We’ll continue and spend most of the interview discussing the ADITL Worksheet.
    • Your interviewer has reviewed the submission and formulated questions about it.
  • Advice (5 minutes
    • Who doesn’t need some advice?
    • Consider the following questions…
      • What would you tell your 18 year old self?
      • What would you tell aspiring [your job here]s.

Remember, this is a no-pressure interview, meaning, what’s said in the interview isn’t final. If you want to retract something you said or don’t want to include something, just tell us. We want all parties involved to be proud of the content we’re publishing about you.

Post Interview 

Give us about 2 weeks to put everything together. We’ll reach out to you with a scheduled publish date. By default, we won’t send you the article before it’s published. But if you’d like to review the article before it’s published just reach out 🙂


Thank you again for participating!

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]