A Day In The Life of the Chief Digital Officer at BlockchainDriven

Art Malkov
Chief Digital Officer, BlockchainDriven

As the Chief Digital Officer for BlockChainDriven, Art focuses on educating clients across vast industries such as Accounting, Healthcare, Logistics and Cyber Security, on the solutions their technology can provide and how companies can position themselves in the blockchain space. He also manages the marketing efforts and branding direction at BlockchainDriven while facilitating ongoing media and conference planning to highlight the company’s blockchain projects and the developing technology. 

Art values the know-how of digital marketing to be one of the most beneficial skills to master right now. Digital marketing utilizes the digital space to sell, develop new concepts, enter new markets, connect with people and educate the public. 

Thinking is different now. Communication to consumers is unique but still siloed to knowing how to get there via marketing.



7:30 AM

Art skipped breakfast and poured himself a cup of tea to start the day. 

He tends to avoid coffee while working from home and over the past month has reduced his intake substantially.

8:30 AM

After taking a leisurely stroll a few feet from his bed, Art arrived at his workspace. 

A normal commute looks like people watching on the subway after grabbing the L train and heading to his office in Flat Iron, Manhattan.

9:00 AM

Attached is a picture from the office, pre-Covid-19, as a reminder of the good ol’ times. Also shown is his work-from-home set-up, which Art said is “temporary,” but gets the job done!

Art_Blockchain Driven_NYC, Art Malkov_BlockchainDriven

9:30 AM

Art joined a live streaming session focused on the Future Proofing Career of blockchain. 

BlockchainDriven is in the midst of launching a consumer focused, live stream educational product for blockchain. They are in the test phase of reception and host live stream sessions to mimic what a user would experience. The sessions will go live at the same time as an online platform BlockchainDriven has developed. The speakers learned their various material and the presentation was practiced to ensure a seamless delivery come launch date. 

The team evaluated how the information is received based on the accounts created, length of time watched and the visits to the educational website. Through the live stream conducted today, the team was able to adjust a few things as they continue to position the product. 

1:30 PM

After the live stream, Art jumped right onto a call to support his cohort and involvement with a marketing blockchain accelerator for a Columbia University-IMB initiative. 

The Columbia-IBM involves undergraduate and graduate students exploring the industry as the University looks towards building healthcare blockchain; an exciting project for Art and his team to help with as industry leaders. BlockchainDriven is also working on a separate healthcare blockchain project themselves—after all, as the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. 

The final demo day was about a week away, so Art rehearsed and analyzed a few aspects of the project with his Columbia-IBM cohort. This entailed scanning the slideshow while formulating and exchanging thoughts on how to best communicate the pitch in a way that would connect and resonate with the audience and how they will convey their response to the Coronavirus pandemic impacts. It was a productive, solution-filled meeting. 

The past few weeks have been busy, as the initiative evolved to showcase their thoughts and ideas as to how blockchain can be implemented for progression. With the Covid-19 pandemic, people are forced to rethink how they are working and achieving results. 

In healthcare, for example, strategies to simplify reimbursements are examining paper-driven protocols leading to the removal of hard copy filing systems. The blockchain industry strives to join more and more projects to solve real problems without the gimmicks. BlockchainDriven steps in to shine a light on what is happening, what is relevant and how the new science can drive the economy forward which ultimately matures the space of blockchain.  

To break down what is meant by the maturing of blockchain, think of how the Internet started. The Internet didn’t need a lot of users for it to be proven valuable but for blockchain, you do.

To mature, blockchain requires a substantial amount of users and for companies to become adaptable. Through this process, blockchain can also link with other elements of the economy, ultimately feeding the system as a whole.

2:30 PM

Art reviewed numbers on various marketing initiatives that are being explored to take place after Covid-19.

Over the course of the last month, Art and his team aggressively adjusted their marketing strategy due to the repercussions of Covid-19. Marketing for Q2 at BlockchainDriven was heavily centered around Blockchain Week; the largest blockchain event in the world set to take place mid-May. The event (along with 200 others) was cancelled as a result of Covid-19 and changed the course of Art’s initial plan. 

Progress is measured in a less concise manner when it comes to blockchain. Depending on the industry, the metrics studied to measure growth involve tracking problems removed or diminished by implementing blockchain technology and alliances built through education. Establishing partners across various industries aids in expanding BlockchainDriven’s reach for the future. Starting conversations, opening new doors and gaining these relationships are all measurements of the company’s success.  

In efforts to achieve this, BlockchainDriven is constantly focusing on how to target these new connections. Growing their existing mailing list, utilizing direct messaging on LinkedIn and developing educational webinars to educate current partners are a few implemented strategies. The technology of blockchain is still developing and with the emerging field comes ambiguity to navigate. 

Art and the team are selective with the projects and partners they acquire, to ensure their work remains exponentially relevant and innovative. This process unfolds on a case by case basis, but the team experiences an abundance of regular spamming to sift through in order to get to projects worth taking on. 

With blockchain as the new hot commodity, endless ideas are constantly coming to BlockchainDriven and filtering through these ideas is a tedious part of the job. Trust within a partnership is crucial, as is finding a real need for blockchain as a viable solution.

4:00 PM

Art spent time project planning for BlockchainDriven’s healthcare client. 

This project entails handling the marketing strategy along with the technology. In their case, Covid-19 had a strong effect on the project and as a result, Art and the team analyzed previous results, adjusted the KPIs and reevaluated the direction of the marketing campaign. Art’s colleague, Peter, oversees the technology development team while the marketing side works on the medical alliance and brand positioning for healthchain.


5:30 PM

Art wrapped up the day with the daily ‘hands-on’ team call. 

The BlockchainDriven squad includes Art’s three person marketing team, a Shipping Information Officer, tech professionals, a sales team and various project managers. With blockchain a relatively unstable space due to pure novelty, cross checking departments is crucial to the functionality of the organization to ensure a cohesive vision while controlling individual departments from becoming backed up with workload. 

During the ‘hands-on’ call, Art and these individuals share status updates and analyze current data to examine the progress of their internal campaign as well as client projects. The current climate has resulted in complete campaign pivots and developing fresh plans to work with the populations ‘new normal.’ Art receives reports on existing campaigns and finds everything to be unfolding as it should as Covid crisis led to significant ad spend fall across numerous PPC (pay per click) /CPM (cost per thousand) marketing campaigns currently running with improved ROI (return on investment) and CPA (cost per action) across the board. 

Another focal point of the call was checking out the numbers of subscribers on-boarded from the live stream session earlier in the day. A full-day data spread will compute tomorrow and if it’s within the team’s expected benchmark, which Art projects it is, the continued plan of action will proceed. 

Daily activities for the BlockchainDriven team vary from data-focused work, to onboarding new clients and assigning role positioning. The team would normally prioritize conference and event planning but restriction on social gathering has this component temporarily on hold. 

Being an integral part of an emerging industry entails creativity, flexibility and a willingness to roll with the punches. For some, it can feel nerve wracking to navigate the course of uncharted territories but this is an incredibly enjoyable factor for Art. 

11:30 PM

After work, Art tries to attend as many networking events as possible. Once at home and to wind down in the evenings, Art and his girlfriend relax with their current Hulu show of choice, Top Chef. The show fuels Art’s enjoyment of cooking by providing useful tips with a side dish of competition to keep the couple engaged and entertained. 

Without restaurants right now… Top Chef is the closest we can get!


Before BlockchainDriven, Art worked on projects of various concepts (including blockchain) with a digital marketing agency supporting industries including hospitality, real estate and logistics. The agency eventually came across BlockchainDriven as a client and Art worked to support their marketing plan. He went further to join the team in the summer of 2016 after impressing the company with his efforts. BlockchainDriven was a relatively new company at the time and Art supported further growth by developing an entirely new marketing team. 

This led to industry fireworks between 2017-2018, which revolutionized blockchain technology and exhibited momentous growth patterns across the field that don’t intend to slow down. To put this into perspective, according to a report published by MarketsandMarkets, the blockchain market size is expected to grow from $3 billion in 2020 to almost $40 billion by 2025.

Art and his colleagues knew the potential at the outset and are carving their front-row seats out on the blockchain bandwagon—there’s limited space as popularity and adaptation increase and venture money is invested. 

Art founded one of the largest blockchain communities in New York, BlockchainNYC, to put the word out by hosting (and selling out) educational events. Art continues to be a substantial component of the continually growing industry and speaks to the scaling and scoping of blockchain, occurring today. He and his team are currently working on the BlockDriven Academy, a place where people can learn in detail about what it takes to enter blockchain space.

How would you suggest a novice break into the blockchain industry? What should they know about blockchain?

For those interested in blockchain, Art suggests beginning with education. Blockchain is an emerging field—blockchain, itself is not an industry. It is a suite of distributed ledger technologies with the power to support relatively all fields through programming to record or track anything of value from financial transactions to medical records. BlockchainDriven noticed a gap in educational resources and noticed information for aspirants was hard to come by. Because of this, they developed their own platform for those eager to get involved scheduled to go live mid-May of 2020. 

After education, Art also suggests becoming involved in networking and volunteering at the many immersive blockchain events that happen in key cities. New York launched Blockchain Weekend with 50 projects and events organized throughout the city. Volunteers for these events often land a foot through the door by linking up with professionals already in the space. 

Sending resumes unfortunately won’t cut it… involvement is a must!


What should professionals know, while thinking of incorporating blockchain technology into their respective fields? 

For professionals interested in utilizing blockchain technology, Art suggests starting with understanding exactly how and if blockchain can play a role in the respective industry. Art finds various fields deeming blockchain irrelevant when it could, in fact, be incredibly useful. On the contrary, blockchain can be labeled as a “shiny” solution for companies looking to stand out and solve problems that require technology already in place. Art said when people typically think of blockchain technology, their mind goes straight to finance or healthcare as industries the technology thrives most in. But, Art shared there are plenty of other businesses the technology could revolutionize like travel, logistics, cybersecurity, advertising and more.

Generally, companies don’t need to build blockchain within, but educating teams through small pilots and informative material can prepare the team and organization for what’s to come in the future. Learning the space of blockchain and developing ideas for its implementation will be a pivotal starting point for numerous industries.

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