A Day In The Life of an Account Executive & Founder of Basima Tony

Lou Majeed-Basima Tony

Lou Majeed
Account Executive / Founder, Basima Tony

As the Founder of Basima Tony, Lou Majeed focuses on account management and the growth of the recruiting agency by working with companies to recruit top talent to fill various roles in the space of sales and management.



7:00 AM

After Lou woke up, he brushed his teeth and showered to start the day. He got dressed and ate a healthy breakfast. 

Lou bikes to work and eating a morning meal for fuel provides him with the energy to power through the commuting workout. This typically consists of oatmeal or Greek yogurt mixed with fruits and nuts. If Lou is particularly hungry, he’ll make waffles with maple syrup.

8:00 AM

Lou hit the road for his daily commute; a five and a half-mile bike ride. 

When Lou first moved to California a decade ago, he decided to ditch his car to remain focused on his business and simplify his surroundings. He found multiple benefits from the active transportation style, as California’s weather is usually conducive to biking and a workout in the morning leads to increased energy for the remainder of the day. 

Depending on his morning vibe, Lou will play music during his bike, listen to podcasts or ride solo to enjoy the sounds of nature and tune in to the present moment. In a world inundated with content and distractions, he finds it peaceful to remove the excess noise from time to time.

8:30 AM

Lou arrived to work at his dedicated desk in a Sacramentobasedcoworking space. He spent time checking messages from candidates and clients, scheduled calls for the day and accepted various calendar invites from his team. 

Lou spent the first year of Basima Tony working from home until seeking a new location. The camaraderie of a coworking space was incredibly attractive to him and fit his budget without breaking the bank. 

Joining Lou at the working space are other entrepreneurs and sales professionals in similar fields. The group of individuals often speak together about the challenges and successes of their own roles, collaborate on news of the industry and support each other while working. The space is phone-friendly and allows for flexibility. Lou spends half of his day at a standing desk and finishes his work sitting down.

8:30 AM

Lou spent time checking messages from candidates and clients, scheduled calls for the day and accepted various calendar invites from his team. Organizing his agenda each morning allows for a smooth overview of his schedule to prioritize and work efficiently. 

9:30 AM

Lou sourced and searched for new candidates for the current open roles of his clients. This includes reviewing resume databases for leads and crafted initial messages to potential candidates. 

Lou routinely handles between five and eight clients during one period of time, with each client seeking to fill about three roles on average. Lou utilizes various platforms such as LinkedIn Recruiter and job boards to source talent. Boards like Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor often store candidate resumes and sell their access to recruiters. 

If Lou finds candidates that appear to fit the expectation of the role, he will reach out with initial messages. 

On a typical day, Lou sends between 35-100 messages to potential candidates for the relevant and current roles. During these initial messages, Lou represents his brand values of honesty and transparency with clear inquiries. His approach with candidates is genuine. Without being pushy or selling the role, Lou will illustrate details of the company and job expectations to the candidate to receive a straight-forward confirmation of interest, in return. 

In recruitment processes, nothing should be taken personally; a mutual interest is crucial to ensure time is protected and not wasted.

11:00 AM

Lou took time for a snack break; a bowl of veggies with fruit on the bottomthe reward for eating the veggies, obviously! 😉 During his snack, he checked the news. 

Lou maintains knowledge of relevant industry information. He often browses news about tech., startups, layoffs and largely impactful companies like Google and Amazon. Understanding his and other respective fields allows Lou to make informed business decisions with his ear to the street.

11:15 AM

Lou spent the next few hours of the day taking candidate calls. He took a break for lunch and then returned back to the phone. 

His sister is a full-time employee of Basima Tony and is responsible for scheduling candidate calls. Lou can have between five to ten each day, lasting from 15 to 30 minutes in duration. Lou spends anywhere from 30%-80% of his day on the phone, however, seldom feels tired from the interactions. 

Before the calls, Lou browses the candidates resume and looks for an organized flow to the content. Education, job history, dates of employment and clearly defined responsibilities are necessary to stand out for a strong portfolio of work. During the calls, Lou breaks the ice with the candidate with information about his firm’s culture followed by details of the client’s role. 

He remains consistent with his straight-forward approach to discussing the role and probes into the candidates experience background while assessing skill set. Lou looks for a proven history of meeting sales quotes, driving revenue and propelling relevant metrics while speaking with a candidate.

2:00 PM

Lou spent an hour and a half cold calling clients and looking for new business. 

While scouting for clients, Lou focuses on series A-C technology companies that are on a growth trajectory. He targets businesses that are actively seeking candidates to propel their success and increase company headcount. He sets a goal for himself to make between 25-40 calls on a particular day. 

Before the calls, Lou prepares by researching the company and employees. He will review LinkedIn, company articles and browse their website to gain pre-established insight into the brand’s goals, values and mission. He believes in Basima Tony and selling himself to clients comes from the heart with a genuine passion for his work! Speaking with these clients is something Lou thoroughly enjoys, but that it took a while for him to feel this way. 

Looking back at the beginning of Basima Tony, the power of time and experience played a favor in his company’s growth. The more you do something, the better you get at it, right? When he first started approaching companies to partner with, Lou was a pile of nerves feeling insecure and unsure of how to best portray himself and his services with no track record to prove his success. 

But, he never let go of his motivation to succeed—he didn’t give in to the imposter syndrome he was feeling. Lou leaned on his sales experience he gained at his previous job and was laser-focused on how he could solve the problems his potential clients faced to gain their business, and most importantly, their trust.

It paid off—as time progressed, he became more comfortable with putting himself out there and pitching his services. He approaches new business with much more confidence and advises others in recruiting to forget the fluff in your pitch and get straight to the point, the who, what, where, when, why and how. Lou is concise, clear and stable in the foundation he has built for himself with plans of growth in the future.

3:30 PM

Lou had a client call with a company he landed the week prior. 

During client calls, Lou chats with sales managers, hiring managers or CEOs to discover the company’s particular hiring needs and overall tasks at hand. As mentioned, his approach is natural, inquisitive and to the point as he avoids sugar-coating or using buzz-words to dilute his motive. He is respectful of time taken and prefers to let his work do the talking.

4:00 PM

After his client call, Lou spent the remainder of the day cold calling prospective clients, responding to candidates and scheduling interviews. 

Lou recognizes the numbers game involved with recruiting. There will be numerous clients declining services and only a few who accept… and this comes with the territory! Lou is balanced and focused during his processes. He keeps his eyes on the clients that he connects with and always moves forward.

6:00 PM

Lou hit the road for home on his bike; another five and a half miles to end the day. 

To remain productive and efficient, Lou stays intentional with his time. He balances his agenda by stepping back to relax and turn off, but recognizes that he feels the best while on the go. He is in a time of prime motivation, with a hunger to grow his firm and a genuine fulfillment from helping his clients and candidates. He works well with structure and staying busy.

11:30 PM

Lou put his child to sleep and finished up responding to evening emails that were lingering from earlier in the day. 

To wind down at night, he settles in with a book. His reading varies from autobiographies and biographies such as Phil Knight’s, Shoe Dog or content of Silicon Valley. 

To take a break from the professional world, Lou enjoys Fiction works such as his current read of John Steinbeck’s, East of Eden. After reading, Lou falls asleep to begin again the following day.


Lou has an extensive background in sales. He started working with a software sales startup and wore multiple hats during his time with the company, specifically in efforts of the recruitment processes. While gaining this experience and learning the ropes, he gravitated towards recruitment, finding incredible excitement in the details of each step. 

He learned how to understand people and their motivations, maneuvering through relationships with the ultimate motive of matching his clients with the perfect talent or role. Lou gained momentum in the field and left the startup with well-wishes from his team to try his hand at owning his own firm. During the initial phases of launching the firm, Lou insured his financial cushion supported a year’s worth of bills and leaped into the unknown with the “high risk, high reward,” mindset. Lou gained a few clients and kept the wheels spinning as the pace picked up. Basima Tony is now a team of three with the strategy of bold and calculated behaviors to drive the firm into deeper success.

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